Gluten Free Baked Goods

We Put the "Good" back into Gluten Free Baked Goods

We've tried the commercially made gluten-free breads at the local supermarket. We've ordered the gluten-free cookies from Peoria. Quite frankly, we aren't impressed. They're dry or gummy, they crumble, they're expensive, they don't smell good, and most importantly, they don't taste good!

Our family has a lot of experience in the baking business. We have been making "real" breads, rolls, and desserts that are delicious, natural, and preservative-free for more than 60 years. Now we are finding that as more and more people are diagnosed with celiac disease, we get more and more requests from our customers to create gluten-free products that taste as good as "the real thing."

We've heard your pleas and we have responded! Simply put, we have created the finest, tastiest, gluten-free baked goods that you have ever eaten--products that you won't be ashamed to serve to the celiac sufferer(s) in your household. In fact, you'll be proud to serve them to everyone in your family!


Celiac Sprue Association
 Listed under our Vin-Chet Pastry Shop name

After your first taste, you'll be asking the same question that we hear all the time:
"So why can't all gluten-free baked goods taste like this?"SM